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Not enough persons registered at this point. Since the conference fees fund the conference, and registration trends were weak, there was not confidence that the conference would be financially viable. This has not happened in the past 14 years of SEEK, so this was an unexpected and disappointing outcome. Every year, we take time to plan what we think will be an engaging conference, but if not enough people sign up for this, it can't happen. Therefore, the decision was made to cancel the 2015 conference. Special thanks to Addison Kitchen and Mikenna Sarabia for all their hard work!
Steve Quinn, Conference Director

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Making Every Project an Opportunity with Eileen Tjan

Emerging creatives often focus on obtaining work from innately 'cool' brands and well-known clients. Eileen believes that success comes from putting in effort and working to transform brands in innovative and open ways. The designer has a unique opportunity to make something memorable and authentic. Eileen presents skills and strategies for making every project into a career-building, creatively fulfilling opportunity, using case studies of her own work to demonstrate the strategic and creative process.


Talking & Designing for Your Grandma with David Mierke

What makes for a great experience? Can using a product or service truly be memorable? In this presentation, learn about three of the primary elements for every great product and learn how you can begin to incorporate them into your next project to ensure people (yes, even Grandma) love using and experiencing your design.


The Ever-Evolving Role of A Designer with Dre Szymczak

How to plan your design career and stay relevant in a field that’s prone to disruption. Introduction to living brand (the evolution of branding) and living services (the evolution of service design) in the era of Zero UI, Design for Data and other technological advancements that are now challenging the traditional perceptions of graphic design, and will be shaping the design field of the future.


Advertising In-House with Dominika Jozefiak

What does it take to sell an idea and make it stick? This presentation will discuss the start of in-house advertising at Shedd Aquarium. By having an understanding of our mission, we were able to create Ads that truly support our exhibits and new initiatives. It will also discuss the process of creating a campaign, from concept development to post production. You will learn the various challenges, lessons learned and how to have fun in the process.

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Wood Type and Letterpress with Jim Moran

The Hamilton workshop will include image blocks and type from the museum. Participants will get to ink up blocks from the museum's archives to print on a proof press or try their hand at pressure printing under the direction of Jim Moran. We'll have a few colors of ink and a pile of paper to let folks experiment with letterpress. No experience is necessary and a quick demonstration will open the workshop.


Utilizing the Third Dimension with Jamie Obermeier

Tools for Designers in the Utilization of Digital Fabrication. This workshop will be an introduction to the basic functionality of Rhinoceros 3D.  We will be using vector-based designs for the creation of cutting paths and 3D printable objects.


Designer & Developer, Communication for Interaction Design with Sarah Kowalis & Shankar Poncelet

The problems we're asked to solve across digital devices are becoming—and will continue to become—increasingly more complex. In response, we've been bombarded with hundreds of tools to sketch, prototype, and communicate design solutions to the teams that have to implement them. Do we all have to become these magical, unicorn hybrid designer/developers to stay relevant? This workshop will explore the ways designers and developers communicate and work with each other, types of development, and how to work within our individual skill sets.


Bauhaus Manifesto, A Zine Making Workshop with Nick Adam & Tanner Woodford

Join Nick Adam and Tanner Woodford for a collaborative zine-making workshop using content from the legendary Bauhaus Manifesto. To bring these ideologies forward, while creating a workshop with a low-barrier of entry, students will perform photocopier experiments on top of Walter Gropius’ words. Layering, folding, crumpling, and smearing these works over his words, students will understand what it means to work independently and as one to translate history.

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